Monday, July 16, 2007


Perhaps this is a tipping point?

I've been predicting tipping points in media coverage of this admin before (sometimes I feel like a pundit talking about progress in Iraq -- in 1 Friedman the media will finally abandon Bush & CO), but NPR this morning has me hopeful again (also yesterday, Harry Shearer indicated he feels the media rats are abandoning ship): they not only covered the Dem. side of the Habeas issue (they did everything but point out that something akin to the Military Commissions Act was a big part of why the Colonies rebelled in the first place), but they played what actual Dems. were saying and didn't just focus on the Pres' point of view.

Still, people can just dismiss this as "oh that liberal NPR", which they didn't do when NPR was carrying water for the Pres. but rather they said "even the liberal NPR think ...". But something is better than nothing.

Meanwhile, did y'all catch Huckleberry Graham? He even referred to the people in Gitmo as "accused terrorists". What part of the word "accused" does he not understand? I can accuse him of being copraphagous but that doesn't mean he actually eats s$%#. And nu? What's wrong with treating terrorists as common criminals? Why does he think terrorists are so special? Does he lurve them?

OTOH, friends like Colin "My Ly" Powell and Arlen "Warren Commission" Specter, we don't need. How come I just don't trust Specter supporting changes to the Military Commissions Act? There must be a trick in their somewhere.

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