Thursday, July 05, 2007


It Only Took Them One Day

It only took NPR one day after our Independence Day to descend into sheer wankery. This morning, they were reporting on the UK terror situation and the implications for us. After first acting as if breaking open terrorism cells before they could do anything other than make a quarter-assed attempt to send a burning car into an airport (in which no-one got hurt ... anti-abortion groups have done worse here and NPR, et al., aren't crapping their pants about that ... I wonder why?) was a failure of Britain's anti-terror efforts rather than a success, they then proceeded to blame democratic power transfers for terror threats (I knew J. Gorelick was a Reaganaut, but I never knew she was that much of a wanker ... during the 9/11 Comish. days, she came off so well) -- as if the instability of power transfers after dictators die or get coup'ed in their e'tat is mere chopped liver.

Anyway, before they could manage to point out that Bush couldn't even hand over power to himself in 2004 (e.g. Katrina), they suggested that the problem was that Congress didn't approve Bush's political appointees fast enough (how much ya wanna bet they'll change their tune on that as soon as there is a GOP congress and a Dem. president? liberal media my posterior!) ... so the reason why a power vacuum helped 9/11 along was not that Bush & CO ignored Clinton's outgoing people, but because Congress didn't approve Bush & CO's new people?

Oh yes ... this discussion was prompted by events in Britain where this sort of thing works entirely differently anyway (a system, we rejected, FWIW? are the media wankers just mad that we're no longer ruled by King George? is that why they go to bat for our King George so much? they don't want to loose him like those dirty hippy Founding Fathers lost the last one?)? And the kicker? NPR said political appointees might need less stringent background checks ... only the segment after pointing out the need for better background checks for Britain's NHS employees!

How long before the media starts blaming socialized medicine for terrorism?

$%@#! What did our Founding Fathers call Tory Wanker Bedwetter Elitist Wannabes again? I'm sure they had quite a colorful phrase for them ... oh wait a minute ... according to Broderella, back in the day, people were not so overly partisan and mean etc. ... yeah ... right!

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