Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Beware the Paleo-Cons

Just an addendum ... hopefully the Dems. will give Bush & CO a nice kick (it would have been nice if they did it earlier, but kicking 'em while their down is better than not at all) in order to rid their ideology from our body politick. However, as I've said before, we shouldn't be cheering for a return of the Paleo-Cons in gloating over the downfall of Neo-Cons.

Consider this from George Will on This Week (via the letters section at Altercation):
We are in danger of having, George, a Weimar moment in our politics. German politics was embittered disastrously by the belief that they were on the cusp of victory in 1918 and were stabbed in the back by the civilian leadership that didn't understand Germany's military prowess. There is a constituency in this town that believes we're winning in Iraq, that we have at last figured it out, that the indices of success are there. And if we pull out and have the kind of disastrous consequences, telegenic disastrous consequences or could have, we're going to have people saying, "We had it won and threw it away."
in light of the historical analogy that many have made, in response to the silly GW Bush = Hitler comparisons, between the US of today and WWI Germany. Pretty frightening, ain't it?

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