Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Inside Blogball

Would a post titled:

And I thought I liked Onion Rings So Much ...

with the body reading:

... simply 'cause I'm allergic to milk and therefore can't readily find ones that I can eat, so they are a treat. I never realized me being a heterosexual male had anything to do with it.

And then linked to not even a post describing what I'm talking about, but rather just said, Sadly, No!

... be too obscure for people to get?

Anyway, make sure you have a cloth to wipe off your computer monitor if you're drinking water or coffee or whatever while reading the link ... if you're up on various bits of bloggy goodness, it's too funny ...

Still, Hillary should prefer he eat an onion ring than a french fry.(Actually does "eating" a french fry mean "Bobbitt" I don't know). You know everyone is guessing about what Bill's role would be in a Hillary White House - I am assuming he won't be in charge of the Intern Program.
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