Monday, May 21, 2007


My Evil Twin

I am not sure if I should point this out to y'all, but I have an evil twin the right blogosphere. I've never actually met the feller, and I don't seem to have much in common with him, other than general nerdiness of disposition and tastes. But he looks just like me -- the physical resemblence is freaky.

So if you ever want to know what I look like (or, what I will look like in just a couple of years as I suspect this twin of mine is somehow, magically as can happen with evil twins, albeit not with the real kind of twins by definition, actually a few years my senior), you can look through Nate's archives for a picture of me. Or you can just look for pictures of Josh Trevino, formerly of Tacitus and Red-State.

Your pic is in my archives on 7-17-06.. I wonder if I put the html codes if it would show up in the comments section.. Not sure who the male cheerleader is in that pic but strikes me as a handsome feller to quote the main character from Sling Blade.
Maybe I should put the link up myself?

But I think it would behoove people to go through your archives and enjoy some good reading.
doc ,
who is this twin of yours. did you get my message

Yep I did get your message. Look at the archives of Sadly, No! ... you'll see every so often a picture of a guy who looks like me pretending to be a Jedi. That is to whom I refer.

Happy Shavuos!

- Being a bad Jew and in the lab today ...
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