Thursday, May 17, 2007


Is It Really True that 73.5% of All Statistics are Made up on the Spot?

... (and reported to too many significant figures), or does the following statistic mean something that Mr. Moore of the WSJ Editorial Page and the Hair Club for Men, er, the Club for Growth, doesn't really care to ponder.

According to Mr. Moore, the percentage of (income? or all individual?) US tax revenues coming from the top 1% of all Americans (in terms of wealth? or income? I don't remember -- I heard this on the radio on my way back to lab from a Mickey-Ds run -- I'm with the late, great Julia Child regarding Mickey-Ds' french fries ... even if they are traif) is the highest ever. This is odd, considering that (unmentioned by Moore) the top marginal tax rate is extremely low, in the history of when we in the US had an income tax.

Is this because, as Moore is wont to claim, Reaganomics was correct about federal revenue? Or is something else going on?

And, is the statistic cited by Moore on Markplace today even corect?

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