Thursday, May 03, 2007


If Mordred Had a Point, Why is He so Silent Now?

Read "Mordred Had a Point" by P.J. O'Rourke, especially his conclusion: dontcha think it applies as much to Bush & CO as it does to the Kennedy family? Remember when conservatives were most eager to point out that this country was a republic and we were the bosses of our leaders rather than it being the other way around? So where are these voices when it comes to Bush & CO?


Of course the upshot is that the Dems. have an easy opening to make people understand why what the President's asking for in terms of the war funding is so unreasonable -- would you give a contractor a blank check without a timeline to finish building your house if the project, in spite of the contractor's hiring the best workers in the business, is running over budget and behind schedule (with continual promises that it's almost done?)? Obviously not. The President is not some king -- he's a person we've hired to do a job: a contractor. So what is wrong with those whom we've hired to represent us (Congress) doing what we'd do with a contractor who's not quite doing his job?

So why haven't the Dems. got someone folksy-sounding on the air to frame it exactly that way? Is it because the Dems. still haven't learned how to frame issues? Or is it 'cause the Dems. are saying things like this but the media's reporting only the GOP spin? Either way, we're screwed ...

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