Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I Hope Nobody Takes Him Seriously

I don't wanna link, but N-Pod argues in Commentary that we must bomb Iran. Why people would take the author of an essay arguing "because I grew up poor even though people have stereotypes that all Jews are rich and that Black kids, who are athletic, picked on me, there must be no racism in this country and Blacks have it no worse than Jews, so if I could get a decent job, Blacks didn't need any more rights than they had de facto when I was growing up" seriously, I don't know. But it seems nowadays yahoos like N-Pod are considered to be "serious thinkers" while those of us who merely quote the phrase "military industrial complex" from such a moderate (a Republican no less) figure as Eisenhower are taken as "paranoid moonbats".

Isn't it time to stop. If the GOP wants to say stuff about Byrd's past, they should muck out the N-Pods from their midsts ...

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