Thursday, April 19, 2007


By Request

Someone (you know who you are) requested I address the VT shooting on my blog. Alas, I am not as smart or clever or all knowing about ideas as thought by some (and some people can always comment on my blog ;) ). Anyway, he of the accent-marks has thought this out, so we don't have to.

As to the NJ Gov. situation -- how come I get stopped for going much slower than the Gov's driver. Where are the po-po when you need them? Too busy manning speed traps, I guess?

Hey Doc !! Do you have any personal experience on living with unstable graduate students? Should'nt we look for prevention rather than cure for unfortunate events like this from happening.
You know the answer to both questions is "yes". But given our numerous experiences with the former, it is also obvious that only a small fraction of those unstable students actually shoot-up schools. How do we ensure that unstable types who need the help before they explode violently get the help they need without unduly burdening those who are merely anoyances to the rest of us and without unduly burdening an already resource strapped mental-health system?
Hey DAS.. did you realize that Corzine was injured en route to the Imus Summit? You would think they would have postponed the event in light of the fact that the Governor's life was hanging in the balance? You think they would have just told Imus to say I'm sorry and then allow the Gov's staff to maintain a vigil at the hosp?

By the way, is The Al Sharpton radio show on in FL? Did you catch Imus pointing out that one of Al's guests FAILED to raise money for black kids with sickle cell, while Imus succesfully raised a large sum of money? And all this guy could say is he has been trying to raise money since the days when I-man was reading radio copy for used car lots.

Obviously he wasnt too successful in his fundraising events? And how many millions did those charities lose due to the Sharpton campaign to can Imus?
My gf's Rabbi has addressed the "but he gave money to charity" argument in a sermon ... it doesn't seem to be online (sometimes he puts the sermons on hot topics online) ... if it is, I'll post a link.

Anyhoo ... I'm still wondering how the Gov's car was going 90+ MPH while I've gotten pulled over and given 4 point tickets for going 40 MPH on roads that in any normal part of the country would have 45 MPH speed-limits?
That rabbi is right on the money. I think that guys failure to raise money for sickle cell while Imus raised a ton of cash speaks out that these guys are more concerned with Tawana Brawley and false Duke lacross accusations than helping to save kids lives.

Speaking of gf... are you still with the same lovely lady who we spoke of on my podcast last year? And if so... why havent you taken my advice and bolted out of FL and moved back to NJ??

The whole Imus thing started with a chat he was having with Sid Rosenberg... who is a FL talk show host. You Floridians are such troublemakers!!

You assumed the Rabbi was taking your side. AFAIK, he gave his usual Rabbinic -- "the people who say to stand are right"/"the people who say to sit are right" ... but Rabbi, they can't both be right ... "you're right!" -- take on the matter but leaning toward the "raising money for sickle cell anemia cannot excuse vile prejudicial comments" side.

And yep. I am still with the same gf, we FLers are trouble-makers and I'll be making my triumphal return to the NYC area as soon as I can start whipping out the publications so that I have something to show for my time here.
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