Thursday, March 22, 2007


Bloggin' Bloggin' Bloggin', Keep those Bloggers Bloggin'

Mr. Letraca, if we shall call him that, has activitated, so to speak, his blog. Check it out.

Also, a former flatmate of mine was surfin' the net and found this blog and thought I might be interested. Maybe some of y'all might be, too?

Or you can call me "your excellency" ;)

How's it going? Any big Pesach plans for you?
I was hoping to come up for Pesach, but I'm too busy at work (well, not right now, obviously ... right now I'm too sick -- I have "what's going around", aggravated by a bunch of pollen -- to concentrate: maybe I'll go home soon).

So, and I need to confirm this, I have invites 'round these parts.

Any big Pesach plans for you?
nothing big to speak of, except for a new kid in town who's spending his first seder with us! ;)
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