Friday, February 02, 2007


Belated Tribute to the Late, Great Molly Ivins

Here's what she had to say about the Godwin's law violations leading up to the Iraq war (and how come those whose violations of Godwin's law are in support of a policy that has resulted in so many deaths come down so hard on those of us who add a mere rhetorical flourish or two on these here series of tubes known as the internets? are the cheerleaders for our foreign policy so out of touch with reality as to be psychotic? do they project much?):

Next up, several members decide to demand that if we use air strikes against Iraq, we take out Saddam Hussein. In the first place, murdering foreign leaders is not a proper tool of foreign policy, for the sensible reason that you never know what you'll get if you do. One of the most famous hypothetical questions of history is: What if someone had managed to murder Adolf Hitler early on? Suppose someone did, and then the Nazi movement had been taken over by, say, Albert Speer, who was a lot better organized than Hitler? - Molly Ivins, February 11, 1998 but might as well have been Feb. 11 2002 ... the more things change, eh?

This is one of the great benefits of a journalist actually knowing something about trivial things like history in stead of Aqua Teen. It gives depth. But try telling them that on the blogs.

I wonder how many bloggers could identify Albert Speer, how many members of the Washington Press Club?

I've been rather disallusioned with both groups this week. And for the WPC, they don't have much farther to fall.
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