Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Sorry About the Migration

I was trying to hold out migrating to the New Blogger for as long as possible, but this time 'round, I couldn't figure out how to do anything other than migrate when I logged in.

Computers are out to get me today, I guess: matlab is taking its precious time to do simple things like read in files and reformat data. And does anybody know what the deal is with kdevelop having to do mysterious updates that crash my machine?

Or maybe I'm just in a tinfoil hatty mood (or maybe "they" are out to get me): I heard on the radio about one Capt. Brian Freeman who spoke candidly about the situation in Iraq with Sens. Dodd and Kerry. He later was killed in an ambush on his base in which the insurgents were wearing US uniforms and using US equipment. First they "pose" as Iraqi police, now this? It does make you go hmmm ...

I know this is serious tin-foil hat territory here, but if it turns out that amongst the Plan B leftovers who run this admin (and who hide behind the religion card whenever they get called on things) is some sort of element who has neither the interests of the US nor even (as is claimed by paranoid anti-Zionists) Israel in mind, but who knows who's interest -- perhaps all the talk of invading Iran is a cover for the opposite? -- you heard it from me first!

But what frightens me the most is that the actions of this cabal will be blamed on all of us tribesmen. Given the inevitability of some form of backlash, do we Jews have an obligation to not act in exact accordance with anti-Semitic stereotypes or would claiming such an obligation be "blaming the victim"?

So many questions ... I'm drifting off my own topic and have a bit of a stomach bug besides ... so I'm ferklempt; discuss amongst yourselves.

He later was killed in an ambush on his base

Call me tin foiled, that's the first thing I thought of too.

I made the switch but it messed things up for a long time. One thing is that I had a new username and password and I kept typing one in wrong. But I'm back again.

Hi, Alberich.
I made the switch but it messed things up for a long time. -olvlzl

Once I posted to your blog and the post came under my real name (probably associated with google) and not my blogger name.

First thing when I tried to look at my blog this morning, I got some strange error code.

And it was requested I do not switch because old blogger had a nice "search all blogs" feature that seems to be missing in the new one.

But I guess the switch was inevitable.
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