Thursday, January 25, 2007


How Can I Get a Meeting in Hollywood to Pitch My Ideas?

I have tons of 'em. Why just last night, I had an odd dream involving the head of the Norwegian-American mafia and two serial killers, one some 50 years ago and one in the present -- that's just dying to be made into a movie or at least a L & O episode. But I'm no screenwriter or even fiction-author. So what's a guy like me to do? A movie about Lutefisk eating gangsters is bound to be better than most of what's available from Hollywood today, dontcha think?

Hey if you check the archives of my blog, my friend Jacquie who was a podcast guest shortly before you were, does seminars called "Pitch Your Project" where people get to sit with big television machers and pitch their ideas. I volunteered at one of them once and it was pretty cool.
I guess I need to check that out then. Thanks for the answer!
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