Monday, December 11, 2006


Who's the New JFK?

Dan Quayle may have been no JFK, but it seems Barak Obama is a JFK type. I guess those who treasure Camelot have their candidate. As for me, I think we have enough problems with the military-industrial complex that we don't need another JFK. I'm waiting for a Truman-type, but alas people are still unclear on the concept of for what Truman stood; many of the same people who venerate Truman now would have been contributing to his low approval rating when he was President as they would have accused him of being "unserious" about the Commies (see here and the comments to that post, for explication of the historical revisionism, as if I've not been over it enough on this blog already).

Also, see my comments elsewhere at MY's site (and elsewhere in left-blogostan) for my opinions on Pinochet and the coverage of his death. I've also been posting a bit at Pandagon as of late -- you can link to it from Eschaton (it's my blog and I can be too lazy to provide more links if I want to be so lazy -- even if I have some time on my hands as I am waiting for a calculation to finish: what's the deal with Matlab's apparent "variable runtime" "feature"?).

A follow up: I know many people who think Hillary Clinton's done an excellent job positioning herself for a Presidential run and will manage to continue avoiding the same sexist claptrap with which she used to be hit (and for which Nancy Pelosi now seems to be the designated target of the media heathers and misogynists). OTOH, other people I know think that Obama, as long as he waits out -- without seeming like he's too tardy in making decisions -- making an official announcement until after the circular firing squad starts taking the first few "front runners" down, has the 2008 nomination in the bag ... and could win provided he, like, JFK, has a politically well connected Southern running-mate who could "balance" Obama's youth, yadda-yadda < \ Seinfeld reference > ... so if Obama is indeed the next JFK, who's the next LBJ?

Also, c.f. The Editors, what a rascally bunch they are! 8)

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