Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Spamcatcher thread

Based on an idea from cmike ... let's see if this works.

If it doesn't, we can turn this into an open discussion thread anyway ...

So far no spam caught ... but no spam to be caught (a good thing) ... do I have to comment here before something happens, though?

I guess I'll find out soon?

And does the evidence of absense imply evidence of absence? That's the big question in my field, at least. Who says scientists don't need philosophy?!
I was wondering the same thing myself, whether or not you have to comment first. And now we know that you don't have to comment first to catch something as I see the post you put on top of this one caught spam without any preceding comments in the thread serving as bait.

Of course the whole idea of the spam catcher is to keep it at the top of your blog - that's why Driftglass, a quite successful spam hunter gatherer, posted his filter/trap in such small print. His spam catcher is at seventy-nine comments at the moment and is dated "December 20".
I see it has indeed caught some spam. I'll shift the order again and see what happens (I actually let this thread slide down as a test).
Oh ... and somehow I didn't catch (pun intended, alas) that the spam-catcher thread was post-dated and that's how (I guess) it automatically stays at the top ...
Does that shtick where you have to type the random letters block the spammers? All my comments go to my email, but I get a ton of garbage in my email box.. Sometimes just for fun I post them but delete the link to the crap they are advertising.
It should: those sorts of random letter things are actually quite hard -- I know from personal experience studying related problems -- for a computer to decode. That was one of my two original ideas of what to do about the spammers (the other being "do nothing" ... an option which is so often not considered in our national discourse: and the lack of consideration of said option indicates a lack of conservatism -- i.e. the philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and for goodness sake, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" amongst the GOP, but that's another story -- anyway, when I say I'm a conservative, I mean I'm that kind of conservative: or maybe I'm just lazy rather than ideological when I prefer inaction to action).

I just hate using those random letter things myself, as being computer-like myself, I have a problem getting them right. But perhaps it has come to doing unto others what I loath myself?
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Spamcatcher caught some spam ... of course, so did one of the threads downstream ... oy.
Hey you can always just edit out the links to his website.. then it looks like you have more buddies.
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