Sunday, December 03, 2006


Gated Communities ...

... often mean someone has to guard the gates. In some places, e.g. South Florida, a considerable number of people are employed guarding gated communities, and this is an important source of employment for many people who would otherwise not have jobs. OTOH, the companies operating the gate-houses, etc, are oftentimes capricious employers who provide no benefits, no official sick-leave or even bathroom breaks, few set standards to guide their employees who work at the whim of their bosses and generally establish a workplace atmosphere rife with opportunities for abuse.

So where are the unions?

And, where is the Democratic party? We have an exploited set of workers who could be loyal Democratic voters if the Democratic party would stand up for them and push through at least some explicit workplaces standards so employees of gate-house-guard-providing companies are not working only at the mere whim of capricious employers.

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