Wednesday, November 01, 2006


On Being a Niebelung

Sometimes it's fun being a Niebelung, which is so close to being a troll just like being a vulture is close to being an eagle < / Nietzsche >, except the other way around.

It's always interesting how in certain quarters of left-blogostan, people are happy to give sophisticated analyses of how some particular abherent and abhorent behavior is but a symptom of a larger problem as a whole -- analyses which are oftentimes on the mark, but sometimes cross over into a mirror image of the prejudiced sophistry you expect to see on right-wing sites (as well as cross over into the realm of being straw-leftist arguments even if the people making them are, alas, not made of straw). And yet, when a happy little Niebelung-king decides to make an argument in a similar vein, if it manages to call into question some perhaps important distinctions made by the ideological orthodoxy, he gets slapped down.

It's no fun when you aren't expecting it, but it's quite a bit of fun when you are. Maybe I should sell out to the RNC and become a professional troll? That might be quite fun, eh?

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