Wednesday, November 08, 2006


GW Bush NOW Has a Bold Agenda?

I heard on the radio this morning something to the effect of "President Bush has said he will push a bold agenda for his last two years in office" -- presumably (and hopefully) the Dems. will block this likely to be horrendous agenda. But, of course, GW Bush will then blast the "do nothing Democrats" in order to boost the GOP's chances in 2008.

I mean, if this "bold agenda" were about other than political posturing, you'd think GW Bush would have implimented it by now ... e.g. when he had both houses in his pocket. But nooo ... even when he has everyone in Congress ready to felate him, he cannot impliment his agenda, yet he's ready with a "bold plan" as soon as the Dems. gain control? Unless he's the type that can only rise to a challenge, which I somehow doubt, this is posturing.

And, to be honest, political posturing needs a "not that there's anything wrong with that" sort of disclaimer. But still, it's odd how when one side postures, they get called on it, while the other side, which is the side that has convinced the people that politics is so evil in the first place in order to undermine our very system of "ambition being made to counteract ambition", is allowed to get away with it, 'cause the media is too afraid of being labeled as liberal to call that other side on their posturing.

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