Tuesday, November 07, 2006



I am after all, a glorified statistician.

Hey are you celebrating there in FL with all the other democrats? Im not too thrilled with Pelosi, but with the NJ Devils beating the Carolina Hurricanes and Bob Menendez's thrashing Tom Kean Jr. I'm predicting the headlines for Wednesday ----> Kean loses and The Canes lose!
It's occured to me one problem with Pelosi as Speaker: she really doesn't speak well. Obviously this wasn't a problem for Hastert, etc. ... but there are double standards around, for both women and Democrats, so her public speaking technique could be a problem.

I've actually planned to blog about this if I have a chance. The short version is that Pelosi needs to learn how to project her voice without sounding like "Loud Howard" from the Dilbert cartoons.

Perhaps if she didn't sound like a cyborg with anger management issues, people wouldn't be so frightened of her? Or maybe its the San Fransisco connection? I'm still at a loss to figure out how she is so liberal she'll have the terrorists over for tea, force men to gay marry and women to have abortions ...

Anyway, I'm too busy at work to celebrate, but I'm sure the whole of Leon County will be happy and the surrounding counties will be quite disappointed -- except with, e.g., Charlie Crist winning the governorship. Of course, according to the media Crist was campaigning as a moderate ... I myself cannot get the GOP primary debates out of my head where both candidates were falling over themselves to be as right-wing-nutty as possible.

Let's hope the media is right about Crist and that he was just playing to the base solely for the primary.
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