Monday, November 27, 2006


Comment Spam

I've been noticing I'm collecting some comment spam. Now I find those comment verification thingies where you have to type in the word on some funny background to be very annoying (I am about as able to crack these as a spambot is), but others may differ -- which do y'all find worse: the spam on my comments (which I delete when I feel like it) or would y'all be more annoyed by having to verify that you are a human before posting comments?

BTW -- I managed to read a copy of US News and World Report recently: Gloria Borger is a two-faced jerk ... she asserts that alas, Nancy Pelosi will be held to a double standard, and then proceeds to do just that. She complains that Nancy Pelosi was acting like a catty school girl, but Borger's tone is pure catty school girl. Come-on, media talking mutton heads ... y'all gave the GOP and give men honeymoons to see how they govern -- why not give Speaker Pelosi the same benefit of the doubt. Are you that partisanly Republican or are y'all just that sexist?

Also in this particular issue of US News and World Report: the normally reasonable Fouad Ajami still thinks the neo-cons are Wilsonian Idealists (and that the can of worms in Iraq just had to be opened as it was, damn the costs) and hippy-dippy folks like me are "realists". Better pundits, please ...

I get a lot of those spam postings too.. and the best thing to do is set your comments up so they are emailed to you for your approval before they are posted. That way you dont have to worry about weisenheimers posting comments such as "Liberals will bring on the downfall of the Democrats"!
Weisenheimers making such posts might be interesting and spark debate. They would result in responses from Schmartendonkers pointing out that urbane liberals were part of the rise of the Democratic party from being a rag-tag collection of people not welcome on Main St. (Dominant Region) USA into a truly national party. To which the Weisenheimer might point out that this sort of transformation is oh-so 65 years ago. Etc.

This third way, though, that you suggest, might prove interesting, although it would involve having comments only go up when I have the chance to approve them ... anyway, fellow Weisenheimers and Schmartdonkers -- consider Nate's option to be a third choice ...
Don't screen your comments, live on the edge. The blogger filter is easy enough for commenters to use if you think you have to do something.
Screw the edge... those spammers are out of control - you should see how much chazerai they try to put on my blog that dies a slow death by sitting in my email box. And if more bloggers screened their comments better, we wouldnt have such a rampant problem.
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