Sunday, November 19, 2006


Chayei Sarah Blogging

I gave a shorter, Florida-appropriate version of this as a mini-sermon last Friday. Does having a blog that's over a year old give me license to recycle posts?

Oh well ... if my blog where a really popular blog, I could just post a headline:

A moonbat, a straw-feminist, a Nice Guy(R) and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in Wankery walked into a bar ...

with the body being

... and the bartender said, "what is this, some kind of blog"

And a discussion topic, perhaps even related to Chayei Sarah, would evolve. It is the mark of a good blog that the blogger doesn't even have to resort to "intelligently designing" his posts. Now what are the theological implications of this, um, observation? Hmmm ....

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