Thursday, November 09, 2006


"Both Sides Do It"

The media's been saying that election-day shenanagans, such as those that occurred last Tuesday, are pulled by "both sides", etc. They've been talking especially about misleading and/or intimidating phone calls in VA and pretty much implying that they form the basis of Allen's complaint and that the Dems. were behind these calls. Of course, the opposite is true, as I found out in these comments. It's one thing for the GOP to be misleading, we would expect any party making misleading phone calls to voters would misrepresent who did what to whom, but the media's supposed to check these things out, not join in the innuendo.

Of course, the media managed to keep it's so-called liberal cred intact by cheering on for the Dems. when it looked like the Dems. were winning (which was not only at the end of the day, contra the GOP claims of cheating by Dems. based on discrepencies with so-called late returns: unless the GOP knew those returns would be even more Dem. 'cause they made sure voting delays would occur in heavily Dem. precincts < / tinfoil hat > ) ... sometimes I wonder if the media lets these liberal "slips" occur simply to make sure people view the media as liberal so that way when the media attacks the Dems. it'll be believed but when anti-GOP stories come out, they'll be dismissed as bias. Am I being too paranoid?


Anyway, the media is not learning. On my way to work, they had some reporting on the Iraq war and the causes and effects of Rumsfeld's resignation. They had a few people on to take the point of view that Bush & CO botched the war (e.g. by not having enough troops on the ground, etc.). Unless I was already in lab by the time they managed to have another point of view on, they had nobody on pointing out that the war was a bad idea to begin with. They also had nobody on defending Bush & CO, which will be taken as a sign of liberal bias (thus discrediting even the criticism of Bush & CO presented here), but which also strengthans the "it was a good idea but executed wrong ... if only St. John McCain, beloved by even the [so-called] liberal media for his 'bipartisanship' and maverickness [the late great Mavericks must be spinning in their graves], were president, things would be so much better" (as my grandfather would say "if only donkeys had square assholes, they would shit bricks") by not having some Bush & CO person desperately trying to defend the war and its justification and in the process making people realize how stupid both the execution and even the idea for the war were.

Or maybe more accurately, given who owns and pays for the media, the media are not unlearning what their paymasters have taught them.

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