Thursday, November 02, 2006


Blame It on Kerry

Let's see if I have this right: GOP chicken-hawks regularly say patronizing things about our troops, insult bona-fide war heroes, etc. and get a relatively free pass from the media to do so. But a Democrat makes a single stupid joke (pointing out a few very real problems: the lack of civilian jobs opportunities for many in our society as well as the lack of qualified applicants for the military, which lack would be alleviated if every person of military age who so wanted to go to war in Iraq actually did or if we did not actually go to war in Iraq and thus stretch our military too thin) and the media talking-heads are all over it?

To hear media political analysts speak (at least on NPR), since even Harold Ford Jr. and Kerry's "friend" St. John McCain (R-Pseudopartisanship) have spoken out against Kerry, what he said is the end of the world, and you cannot trust Democrats for even having someone like that in their party. By that standard, given the behavior of all too many in the Republican party, you can never trust them, but IOKIYAR, I guess.

And of course, if the GOP wins this November, according to our media, it won't be due to deceptive campaigning, vast differences in available money, voter ignorance due to poor media coverage of issues or disenfranchisement schemes: it'll be because John Kerry (is he even running in this year's election?) made a joke in poor taste or because people are so afraid of Nancy Pelosi. And of course, according to our media, if the Dems. win, it'll be because the GOP wanted to loose to position themselves for 2008 and because of how scandal-ridden certain corners of the GOP are, which talking point, if repeated enough, will convince the voters that they voted for the Dems. merely because they were tired of GOP-sleaze and thus the electorate will be comfortable voting for a new, cleaned-house GOP in 2008, which will have been purged of specific malefactors but not, of course, of the rotten core of the ideology which made such pervasive malfeascence possible.

And some Republicans still claim the media is liberal because they have a snarky tone in their voice when they repeat GOP talking points and no such snarky tone when they repeat Democratic talking points (because they never repeat Democratic talking points)? And because the media "allows" nuts like Coulter to represent conservatism and madmen like McCain to represent the GOP while they get (weak, ineffectual, mealy-mouthed concern trolls who validate every stereotype people have of liberals) moderates like Biden to represent the Democrats? And the media are liberal 'cause they dare act as if maybe gays, women and minorities should have rights?

Wow, that's so liberal of the media: they really are just a bunch of moonbats, eh?

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