Sunday, October 15, 2006


Remember the Levites

At the times of the festivals, we are commanded, among other things to include in our celebration those without means of support, e.g. the Levites. The Levites are the priestly caste -- they have no means of support? Well, because of religious centralization, the Levites are indeed rather under-employed and provided Israeli society with a solution to the problem of the "natural rate of unemployment": so it's interesting to consider this year's Economics Prize in the context of this time of year, nu?

Anyway, if the religious right really wanted to institute Levitical law in this country, they'd stop worrying about what people do in their bedrooms and start pestering farmers not to glean their crops, instituting the laws of release and jubilee and organizing society to support a body of under-employed potential workers to keep the labor market flexible without condemning those on the bottom rungs to destitution and/or wage slavery. Yes, the laws of Moses do care about teh sex. But they care far more about teh economics.

But of course it's much more fun to care about teh hot sex, nu?

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