Friday, October 27, 2006


Heckuva Job Bushie

So ... the US voted against even doing a study about how to reduce arms trafficking ... e.g. trafficking of weapons that could easily get into the hands of terrorists. Why? 'Cause of the GOP's friend the NRA, which used to be a respectable 2nd Amendment supporting organization that's now an extension of the gun lobby?

Well, if Bush & CO were really serious about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists, they might have at least abstained ... or at least given a good reason for voting no on this. But instead, they just voted no? So much for the GOP realizing that "after 9/11 everything's different" and being "serious about national security".

I trust the Dems. will be pointing this out? Or are they too afraid of offending gun nuts?


Meanwhile, somehow, in MSM-land, MJ Fox having emotional ads opposing candidates who oppose (and are lying about their opposition to) stem-cell research is equivalent to racist GOP ads. I guess our media is not smart enough to understand the difference between an ad that maybe is unfair 'cause it tugs at people's heart strings a bit too strongly compared to the intellectual content of the argument being made (yet they praise GOP 'strategery' when the GOP does this sort of thing -- while the GOoPers get upset at such praise because talk of the GOP being "strategic" makes the GOP look insincere ... as if the MSM praising the GOP with faint damnation is the only thing making the GOP look bad?) and an ad that's truly beyond the pale 'cause it tries to resonate with people's racist stereotypes? Meanwhile, GOoPers are upset 'cause the anti-Mike DeWine ads are a bit over the top ... wow: what it must be like to have such a delicate sensibility! I guess you get to be blind as to really outrageous things then, eh?

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