Thursday, October 05, 2006


For the Sake of Democracy, Will Someone Please Start Showing Reruns of Hogan's Heroes?

NPR Letters Today (in which, btw, a federal judge points out that Yoo pretty much was lying about the contents of Bush's "undo the Magna Carta" bill; and even if he wasn't -- how is it at ever all constitutional to hold someone indefinitely -- i.e. until we've defeated the technique of terrorism which is when hostilities in a war on terror would be over, nu? -- without trial? ... as another correspondent all but pointed out): some yahoo, who should have known better as being in the reserves they should have taught him about, say, POW camps, was saying that we need the capability to detain enemy combatants until hostilities have ceased, after all, you cannot just release them so they'll fight against you again.

Hunh? Except for a few moonbats made of straw, nobody's taking that position. The point is that we've already a mechanism for dealing with such "enemy combatants": it's called taking "prisoners of war", which activity was already legal under US and International Law and regulated by those there Geneva Conventions.

Are the people defending our country so ignorant that they don't know about the concept of a POW? If so, then that's kinda a problem in case they get captured, nu? They might not realize what rights they have and might spill the beans on who knows what thinking that they've no other choice ...

I mean, sheeze ... haven't these people heard of Hogan's Heroes? Or John McCain, Patron Saint of Pseudo-Bipartisanship (R-Keating)?

Better citizens, pu-leeze!

Did you know Hogan's Heroes and I both arrived on this planet on the very same evening? I was born the night of the premiere!
I see nutzzzing!
So maybe at Nate's next birthday, Neil can come over and shout "I see nutzzzing except the great and vunderful birthday boy"?

Werner von Klemperer ( Colonel Klink ) was a famous conductor and violinist. Having some fun with the depiction of a WW II prison camp varied from the little I could glean from a chaplain who was interned in both wars ( an English expatriot ).
For all that, todays "terrorist" ( unproven ) prisons sound like they fall between Nazi prison camps and death camps : a rather sordid evaluation.

indeed ... many, including von Klemperer, in the cast of Hogan's Heros were not only Jewish but were either in the camps or fled the Nazis.

Of course, POW camps would have been worse than depicted in a comedy like Hogan's Heros, but you'd think at least people would be aware of the existance of POW camps from such shows as well as realize that the situation would be less pleasant for POWs than how, e.g., a comedy would present things.
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