Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Feeling Better ...

but being confused by work-related stuff* and am still a bit brain-dead from being sick (not to mention, I still have a bit of a cough). I do have some time on my hands, but my thoughts are not together enough for a coherent Yom Kippur-related blog entry. Anyway, Rev. RMJ put up the Haftarah from Yom Kippur morning on a recent post (after I mentioned it in a comment): so definitely consider this an opportunity to ponder Isaiah's message. Interestingly, the message in this part of Isaiah is very, well, in a sense, anti-religious (cf. the poem I linked to about the Akedah, etc), but rather humanistically materialist (cf. my favorite verses). Isaiah pans those who "seek God" but rather urges us to help the poor, etc.

I guess, in case I don't manage to get anything more together (I should at least do a post on Jonah since I didn't do one last year -- btw: I notice looking back on my now about a year old blog, some of what I came up with to say for my sermon I was already thinking of a bit last year), y'all can discuss the humanism of Deutero/Tritero-Isaiah and the relation of that humanism to the Akedah (or heck, even to the story of Jonah, if you can find a connection).

* update: figured out the problem -- I made a big error in the work I had my computer doing while I was sleeping off my illness: it's fixed and now my computer's busy (redoing the calcs), so I don't have to be ...

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