Friday, October 20, 2006


Dare to be Stupid

It's always a smart idea to read Stupid's letters on Slacker Friday at Altercation, but this week Stupid is especially un-deserving of his moniker. His letter is quite nuanced and really, albeit indirectly, calls into question the supposed foreign policy idealism of the neo-cons and the realism we who oppose them are accused of having. I'd explicate all the implications, but I'm busy doing 4D peak picking (thousands and thousands of peaks ... maybe some of them are real?), so my brain's kinda shot and I have little time besides. So you'll have to discuss this one amongst yourselves.

Update ... also read Larry Howe's letter today. I've not always agreed with Mr. Howe in the past, but those of us who would call ourselves "left-wing conservatives" have been saying this sort of thing, though not as eloquently, for some time now ... I bet conservative Democrats like my friend Nate might also second these thoughts, nu?

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