Friday, October 20, 2006



Pardon the temporary double post ... I'm having some sort of problem with something. You get what you pay for?

Or sometimes not: last night I was desparately trying to find some sherry to use in cooking mincemeat (with ground lamb, which is almost as good as ground goat or bison, but more available than the former and cheaper than the latter -- I guess I need to try left-over short-ribs: they would probably work well also!), but I couldn't find any real (Spanish) sherry, so I went with a < $6 California sherry (Fairbanks ... their un-specified sherry, as opposed to their cream or "cocktail" versions -- the version I purchased seems to be like an Amontillado). It obviously wasn't the same as a Spanish sherry (for twice the price), but it was fine for cooking and decent enough for drinking. I guess after this experience and my positive experience with Ballatore, I need to rethink my wine snobbishness -- such as it is: after all, I never did feel I fully appreciated big, fancy wines anyway (well, of the ones that I've been able to try ... I may very well appreciate a $100+ wine if someone would buy some for me ;) ). And while I do feel I appreciate a $15-30 wine, there are some bargains to be had. I'm not enough of a lush to drink bad, cheap wine, but not enough of a snob to avoid wine simply 'cause it's cheap and not the best available.

Anyway -- a (post-Sukkos) sherry cocktail recipe (small, David-style portion)

* about 3/4 shot sherry (chilled)
* a capful Drambuie (chilled)
* dash bitters
* twist of citron peal

Mix and serve (cold) while waiting for your mincemeat to finish simmering.

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