Sunday, September 17, 2006


While I'm Taking Occasional Pot Shots Against My Own Side ...

I thought I would mention the following dynamic (which relates, I guess, to some of the previous dynamics I've mentioned as well as "Puritanism"), which makes people think of us lefties as know-nothing sour grape spitters:

(1) Advancement is clearly being pushed to help big-business (and hurt the little guy)
(2) Lefties in the know are against advancement for that reason
(3) Lefties in the know figure people are too dumb to accept that, so they make up some cock-and-bull story to get more people riled up
(4) Cock-and-bull story is called as such, discrediting lefty opposition

While I generally think we moonbats could stand to learn a lot from the GOoPers, step #3 in the above scheme is not a lesson we should learn, but it seems we have. Why can't we be honest?

The problem with GMOs is not evil genetic modification. If GMOs per se were a problem, how come our older and less precise forms of genetic modification (i.e. breeding) haven't caused problems? The problem is that GMO seeds interfere with both genetic diversity and with the ability of poor farmers to have free seeds (without having a company stake claim to -- your seeds have our genes, even if by pollination, so you have to pay us). But why do some moonbats decide to descend into anti-scientific mumbo jumbo to discuss something that really is not an issue of out of control scientists but one of justice for the poor? (I am getting discombobulated right now -- it's time for me to get some food, but I'm waiting for a calculation to finnish -- so I'm blogging, but not really coherently ... sorry for the lack of coherence, but you get the idea). It's even worse when it comes to the "sour grapes" attitude some have toward anti-AIDS drugs.

The truth supports our side well enough -- why make up lies and distortions and claims that grapes we cannot reach are sour, which will only hurt our side?

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