Thursday, September 21, 2006


What is this Bipartisanship of which the MSM (only) Sometimes Speaks?

How come when a few Democrats side with Republicans on what would otherwise be, given the parties' platforms, etc., a party line vote, your supposedly "liberal" media labels the Republican side as "bipartisan" for managing to attract a few Democrats while they tar the Democratic opposition as "partisan"? And even people who should know better come away thinking "if even the liberal media thinks the Dems. are partisan, they must be rabidly so"?

Yet, when both Republicans and Democrats challenge the Republican President, somehow the Dems., when they are acknowledged at all, are deemed to be offering partisan opposition while the Republicans are criticizing the President "from within his own party" and the word bipartisan is hardly mentioned? And yet those very same people, some of whom should know better, go and say "that liberal media again, portraying the Republicans as a bunch of turn-coats and disunifiers"?

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