Wednesday, September 13, 2006


More from My Inner Essentialist

It seems every time I run this matlab script I'm working on (with different parameters), it gets slower and slower.

Anyway, that means some time to surf the web. And I think I may have found (with some sluething involved ... to figure out the store must have been a Nugget market and who supplies their coffees) which brand of coffee was used to make that oh-so-perfect espresso I had oh-so-many years ago in Woodland, CA (cf. previous posts in my long past archives): Equator Estate Coffees. Now I just need to figure out which blend it was I liked -- so when it's my turn to buy coffee for the lab I can buy the right blend (or maybe I should just foist Nordstroms' on everyone?).

I wrote them yesterday and they responded today: it seems that the blend I liked was the Jaguar espresso blend.
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