Sunday, September 17, 2006


Le No Show

I love Le Show. I love The No Show. Is it my imagination, though, or does Le Show seem to be a descendent of the work of Steve Post? Or is this one of those correlation does not imply causation things? For example, how some of my favorite essayists, e.g. Thurber, Perelman, Woody Allen, all have a similar style -- because they all are so influenced by Benchley?

And why can't I find enough Benchley to evaluate this claim I've now read?

Anyway, I've confirmed my suspicion about the Near Eastern and/or South Asian routes of Blues (which is supposed to have African origins but sounds very different than much Sub-Saharan African music to my inexpert ears) by reading some on Wikipedia: evidently a lot of the African-American musical tradition did arise from a Muslim (and hence presumably ME-influenced) African tradition.

Oh well, I'm just waiting for the checkout line in the library to thin out and hence ramblin'

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