Sunday, September 17, 2006


In Lieu of the Impossible Task of Making up for my Parsha Blogging Absenteeism

(by having a discussion question relating to the last few Haftaroth of Consolation -- from my favorite part of the Book of Isaiah ... btw, I've learned that my worst suspicions as an undergrad are sometimes true: sometimes "we'll have an in class discussion" means the professor didn't have time to adequately prepare the lesson ... not that any profs. I know ever do that ...).

The end of Deutero-Isaiah and the beginning parts of Tritero-Isaiah (shall I hypothesize there was a 2.5-ero Isaiah?) present the clearest statement that in ethics, the philosophical divide is not between the religious and the atheistic, but between a motley crew of a certain sort of Objective Idealist, certain kinds of fundamentalists, etc., and an equally motley crew of Kantians, religious liberals, humanistic materialists, etc.

And we know which side 2.5-ero Isaiah was on, eh?

So how do the fundies, et al, stand to read him? I guess they just try to take it out of context and read it as predicting the coming of Jebus (not to be confused with Jesus)?

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