Monday, September 25, 2006


I Heard this on NPR Last Night -- On a Program Focusing on the Akedah

This sort of thing drives some non-"Judeo-Christians" nuts ... that they have this sort of program on ostensibly secular stations and then the fundies have the nerve to complain our society is not sufficiently deferential to religion?

Anyway, though, I liked the program (maybe I'm biased) and they did have some interesting ideas about the Akedah ... e.g., it was necessary not to so much to test Abraham as to ensure that the possibly spoiled child of Abraham and Sarah's old age, Isaac, would be driven from the nest, so to speak. Also, they quoted this poem: Jews who get so enraptured that fundies supposedly speaking for the Christian majority are so happy to place even a fractional "Judeo" in front of Christian in the morality they propose to legislate ought to remember that, as far as established religiosity is concerned, e.g., the state religions of the classical age, we Jews are atheists ... indeed, that's one of the points of Judaism.

At some point hopefully I'll have the time to remember what it was I ended up saying for my Rosh Hashanah sermon yesterday and give y'all the key points.

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