Wednesday, September 06, 2006


FL Gub. Primary

So it seems the more "moderate" (well, that's what NPR calls him -- I'd hardly call someone who, in the debates, seemed to be arguing "I'm just as looney as my opponant no matter how sane he accuses me of being" a "moderate" -- although, I reckon he was just politickin' ... in certain politically important corners of FL, it pays to be loonier than a 'toon) candidate won the FL gub. primary.

The media is already crowing about the victory of this "moderate" and ignoring how he had to play to the base to get elected (even as they constantly harp when Dem. candidates play to their base, even in primaries -- as if playing to the base is a bad strategy for a primary?). If this guy looses to the Dem (unlikely -- amazingly, both major Dem. candidates were complete tools whose rhetoric indicated they either know nothing about legislative processes, which would be odd considering both have much experience as legislatures, or they being deliberately misleading to the voters ... and we Dems. need to educate voters as to how legislatures work, not propagate misunderstandings of how legislatures work that ultimately help Republicans and DINOs undermine Democratic electoral hopes), would the media make this a story of how the Republican base driving candidates to the right drives voters away? Or would the media make this a story of how moderates loose elections? Hmmm ... yet how would it play if the parties involved were reversed?

Remember, as far as the MSM is concerned, IOKIYAR, eh?

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