Friday, September 08, 2006


The 9/11 Movie Fiasco

I cannot bear to look, so how's the MSM responding to the calls by us left-wing moonbats protesting that 9/11 movie to be shown on Disney?

Are they genuflecting before us (and realizing the importance of the left wing demographic and market segment) like they responded to the right, e.g., when the right-wing blogosphere decided somehow that the documents, indicating GW Bush (gasp) may have been allowed to flake off on his national guard duties, were "forgeries"? Or are they spinning it as "those lefty moonbats are trying to silence the truth about how their hero, Bill Clinton, allowed OBL to attack us"? And anyway, why do they assume we lefties worship Bill Clinton like righty-tighties worship St. Ronnie of GE?

Anyway, on a different note -- science nerd humor: how can you tell someone is an NMR spectroscopist? She's lying down (and spinning about a vertical axis), so you tell her to relax, and she stands up!

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