Friday, July 21, 2006


That Decade

You keep seeing it. Sometimes not so subtly. Sometimes quite subtly.

Why do people keep acting as if the 1950s (family TV show) lifestyle is "traditional" even though that lifestyle (which never obtained in real life) was even viewed in the 1950s itself as something "modern" and the way of the future?

It goes from Ned Flanders style delusion to something worse when people want to "return" to that time by undoing what made the 1950s what it was -- the New Deal.

Ironies, about, don't they?

So is this mistake a product of baby-boomers getting nostalgic for their childhoods and figuring "what was in my childhood is how it always was until life changed -- and our generation grew up"? Or is there more too it than that (e.g. racism -- i.e. wanting to undo the 1960s which has some very sinister connotations, don't it?)?

Well, I could ramble longer, but I have work to do ...

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