Thursday, July 20, 2006


Delayed Weekly Parsha Blogging

Is still delayed -- I'm bogged down at work.

Anyway, Nate is putting up his pod-casts with me in which I, among other things, give a preview to the blogging of Parshas Pinchas (read last week). I come off as rambling and effete, though -- it's my fault, I did not prepare well enough for the interview -- I was not being a good Boy Scout, now was I?

But maybe someone will notice this, think they're getting a Faux News Democrat (effete version) and hire me on as a commentator?

And then, since I would be paid to jabber, I'll have a motivation to prepare (although the odd thing about being a liberal commentator, or a commentator in general, seems to be that you get paid to notbe prepared -- so maybe I'll be further dismotivated to prepare -- which would make it the coolest ... job ... ever ... no wonder Faux News Dems will do anything to keep their paid vacation positions!) -- so I'll come off fighting, effectual and spin things correctly.

Still, I guess the experience should learn me to have some sympathy for the Dems. that make public appearances and at least try to get out there and explicate our position -- and in front of people a lot less friendly to the Dem. party than Nate. But ... nah! I think I'll learn nothing and remain a blogofascist. After all, people who get paidto do something ought to do a better job than those of us who dabble in it without remuneration.

Or maybe not -- I forget, up is the new down.

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