Monday, July 24, 2006


CW and Grapefruit

The conventional wisdom is that you should pick heavy grapefruit as they are juicier and have thinner skins (hence you get more and better grapefruit for your money).

How come is it that I find the lighter grapefruit often taste better? Sure the have more of that inedible spongy part of the rind, but what they lack in juicy pulp, they make up for in intensity of flavor. It may be you get more grapefruit for your money picking a heavy one (assuming that they are being sold by the fruit and not the pound, which is usually a good assumption with grapefruit), but you get more grapefruit flavor for your money picking a light one that smells really good. And isn't the flavor what counts? If you want more water, you can always drink it between bites of fruit.

Am I the only one who's noticed that heaviness of a grapefruit is more about quantity than quality and if you prefer quality over quantity, you needn't go around weighing grapefruit to get a good one?

Is this a parable? I'm trying to mine the deep symbolism of your grapefruit anecdote and discover how exactly it proves that free market de-regulation of utilities is causing rolling blackouts in California but so far all I've got is a nasty flare-up of my GIRD from even thinkingabout consuming grapefruit.

I'm just not the scholar I should be...
Actually, it is merely supposed to be a change of pace from the heavy stuff on this blog.

But alas, if one gets GIRD from grapefruit, this entry is hardly light reading.

But if I were to view this as a parable (e.g., if I were still in high school English and my grade depended on reading "deeper meanings" into things -- that the author did not necessarily intend conciously, but, e.g. in this case, must have intended subconciously as I realized the "deeper meaning" soon after I wrote this -- I just wanted to see what others would say), I think I might view it as indicating my previous anti-"freakonomics" post is a bit of projection and sub-concious self-criticism on my part -- considering that I am bucking the so-called conventional wisdom here.

Did I make any sense or am I too addle-brained from trying to uncover the mysteries of biophysical chemistry in my "day job"?
p.s. I was eating a grapefruit when I wrote this post ... I am not eating a grapefruit currently (as I write the comments) as I am out of them.
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