Sunday, July 09, 2006


"Blogidy-Blog-Blog", As They Say ... a.k.a. The Disembodied Head of Nixon and the Headless Body of Agnew

Remember Nixon's favorite source, "some" -- as in "some would say"? I guess "they" is one of my favorite sources. Anyway, just a few quick thoughts (a few including the one above in the count?):

Lately I've taken to blogging from home, but I actually don't yet have an internet connection here. So I write the blog entries at home and then upload them from a disk. I've tried to preserve the freshness of the weblog form (i.e. the bad grammar and spelling, awkward and affected usage and interminable digressions -- although this word processor from that evil company tends to maliciously correct my spelling mistakes), but the entries you are reading are actually a bit stale. Hopefully this has gone un-noticed (presuming my blog is getting noticed in the first place). If it has, I apologize for any "inconvenience" ... as "they" say.

Anyway, this all begs the question that was actually asked in a different context this last Shabbos: what would an offline blog be like?

And in continuing with the Futurama reference: what would a good Democratic body be like? Freckled, Wan, riddled with Angioedema?

Also, just a thought -- perhaps the "Jews should vote for Joe" talking point from the Lieberman campaign is a reaction to what seems to be a very anti-Lieberman stand taken by many Jews? As of late, many of us have essentially began to view Joe Lieberman as a shanda fur dem Goyim and have really turned on him in a manner that goes beyond mere politics. Now there is this concept, especially among Zionists and Neo-Cons, that we Jews shouldn't worry what others think of us and indeed should all but purposefully do things to piss others off just 'cause it would be wrong for them to get mad at us based on our religion, but those of us who live in the real world outside of the wonderful bubble that is the Northeast are a little bit less inclined to be chickenhawks yelling "bring it on" and think that our great-grandparents were onto something when they worried about being a shanda fur dem Goyim. At the very least, as the "Chosen People" we should actually live up to a higher standard, which includes not being so sanctimoneous about it. So yes, Holy Joe's folks are right -- there really is a personal vehemence against Holy Joe in our community. But it isn't that we need to eat more home cooking, it's that we don't like people to cast aspersions on our cooking based on a promanent matzo ball being hard and dense rather than light and fluffy or filling and rich (depending on the style you like).

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