Sunday, June 18, 2006


Two Outa Three Ain't Bad

"It's the Jewish-nerdy-queer axis."

Why this post? 'Cause when you are waiting for a calculation to finish -- why not take advantage of an excuse to quote Mars Attacks!

I am reminded of a dorm-mate's review of Independence Day:

You have a movie about an ensemble of characters without much of a plot, but each character is a mere stereotype. You have a WASP president displaying "leadership" , giving orders: "Jew think for me", "Asian guy, do cool engineering tricks for me", "African-American guy, fight for me".

In the post "Mission Accomplished" world, perhaps it's time to think back and remember the well-deserved parody that was Mars Attacks!

Most of the gay men I know are working class and most of them are entirely able to pass.

It's one of the advantages of laws against discrimination that, for example, non-gay men who might be mistaken for gay can be discriminated against without them even knowing they have been and why. It is true for some members of other groups too. A non-discrimination law protects anyone who might be identified as a member of a targeted group without even realizing it.

I know that people on the web suspect that I'm a dead ringer for David Niven as Raffles but no one would ever accuse me of elegance. I'm more like an old Wally Cox.
I must apologize but I never did imagine you as David Niven as Raffles (nor as Wally Cox -- at least not as the kind of characters he played: maybe the tough, strong guy that Mr. Cox was in real life ...); FWIW -- I always imagined you as a combination of the various New Englanders in my life (my computational logic & algebra prof., the MA farm-boy one of my cousins married, ...) with a dash of ornary Westerner thrown in for good measure.
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