Tuesday, June 20, 2006


More Republican Spin from NPR

Usually NPR does a good job of announcing that they are repeating Republican spin (in the guise of reporting on it -- so conservatives can argue that the "liberal NPR is critical of our spin but not the Democrats'" -- but if nobody says our point of view, then how will people know it? what's that saying "any publicity is better than no publicity at all"?) -- but this morning in reporting the 'change of direction' by the Dept. of the Interior (shouldn't that be the Dept. of the 'Exterior' ;) ) re: national parks, they didn't even bother to do that. They made a big deal out of how this is an historical change as to how Interior Dept. has been operating the parks (they did manage to mention once the qualifier -- "over the last 6 years": what's with the media abusing useless qualifiers while barely mentioning useful ones, like timeline markers?) without noting that the Interior Dept. is actually returning to the historical mandate (how conservative of them -- to return to a conservative mandate to conserve parks) pre-Bush.

It isn't a major shift in policy for the Interior Department to realize what their mandate vis-a-vis the National Parks is -- a mandate that's existed since the inception of the Parks. It's the Bush administration realizing they've screwed up and returning to the way things were before those clowns came on the scene. Reporting it any other way is pro-Bush & CO bias. Drop the bias NPR -- just 'cause you're better than most, doesn't mean you're unbiased -- and it sure don't mean you're liberal as much as you'd like to think so!

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