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When I was a kind, I was wont to develop a mixture of coffee and tea I called "coftea" (sheeze, that sentance is awkward and affected -- English needs an imperfect tense post-haste!). I have since been told that this beverage is enjoyed by the Chinese under the name of Yin-Yang and I have since made it myself as soon as I got a coffee maker.

I've now figured out that Chock-full-o-Nuts French roast is perfect for this beverage (I finally cleaned out my coffee maker and used it this morning): some coffee, some green tea, a dash of Czar Alexander, some tea masala, some golden tisane, a pinch of hot-white-chocolate mix (any more will clog up the coffee filter) and a star anise -- brew it up, add some honey, et voila ... the yummiest coftea you could imagine.

I'd commentwhore if I weren't feeling so lazy today ...

A friend of mine tried out a concoction like this on me once in an espresso bar: a chai tea/coffee latte blend. Sorry, I did not elect to repeat the experience. :-)
Greetings! Welcome to DAS blog!

I don't think coffee/tea blending would work well with milk in the mix, but what do I know: I am allergic to milk.

I finally got to try a "latte" once (they made it with soy milk): I was quite excited, but, while I found the "latte" ok, it wasn't worth the excitement.

I don't generally like soy milk, though (I have it around because it is very useful as a milk substitute for making batters) -- although lately I've developed an appreciation for having a spot of milk (so to speak) in my tea.
That mixture would make a tasty stout ale as well. I may have to suggest that to a friend of mine that brews his own...
beer, coffee and tea, with wee bit o' cocoa butter? ... wow! all the good things in life at once!
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