Friday, May 05, 2006


The Global War on Straw Men or Why Do People Think the Media Speak for the Democratic Party?

Yet another person mistaken for a conservative thinks that her "traditional" lifestyle means she has no place in the Democratic party. Where does she get this idea? Why from the "liberal media" of course.

Don't you just love this dynamic? The media, presumed to be liberal, come up with some straw man who is saying the Democrats are against God, mother and apple pie, because in their hearts they find God, mother and apple pie to be hokey. Then, since the media are presumed to be liberal, those of us who are vaguely religious, love our mothers and -- why am I now craving a piece of apple pie? mmmm ... gurgle ... -- just "know" the Democrats and their spokespeople in the media have no place for us in their party. And this confirms the media is liberal and that liberals hate 'Murka, 'cause it's so obvious that the media gets allergic from apple pie so they must be liberal.

It's all a consistent story but it's based on so many assumptions that are verified simply by the consistency of the story built on those assumptions that it's a castle in the air. I am not a big fan of Emerson, but he nailed the current "liberals, as the liberal media even tells us, hate real 'Murkins" mindset when he posited "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds".

But given how this particular foolish consistency is so distorting the electoral process, it is a dangerous hobgoblin. But why are people so mentally little that they fall for this naarishkeit? Do people swallow everything they are told so long as it paints a consistent story? Are people that naive even as they would like to think of themselves cynical and aware of media bias (which, in assessing it to be liberal, totally mis-asses -- even in discussions with conservatives who would never say the media has a conservative bias, they realize the media's bias is not liberal, just toward silly vacuities: the debate becomes which side benefits from media silliness, though).?

What is the deal with how stupid our discourse has become?

Adendum -- another example of the dynamic: newspapers complain that Dems. are not "respectful enough" to "religious voices" ... and base this on Dems not kissing up to the likes of Falwell (cf. Altercation today).

Also ... I have some posts, but I wrote them at home and need to transfer them to an internet accessible computer (I don't yet have internet at home).
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