Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Time to Put on Our Tinfoil Hats Again

I still don't believe that the Iran-lovers (from Iran-Contra to their deposing of Saddam Hussein) of the Bush administration will turn on the country they secretly love and of which they are trying to turn this country into a Christian version (Iran is, after all, a democracy of sorts) -- although many in BushCO also helped to arm Iraq and look what they did to that country.

Still ... I wonder: Sy Hersch has been right about so much government malfeasance, it would be no surprise if Bush & CO really want to discredit him. Remember how they likely were involved in leaking Bush's records to the CBS folks and then laid the groundwork for a fake scandal about those documents so that all criticisms of Bush's (lack of) war record would come under suspicion? Maybe they are doing the same thing with Sy Hersch: they want to discredit him, so they have fed him a false story about invading Iran: when the story turns out to be false, he will be roundly criticized throughout the news-media for being "wild-eyed" even though he most of the time has been, alas, right with his previous "wild-eyed" accusations.

Or at least that is what I would like to believe: imagine how horrible an invasion of Iran would be (the occupation would likely be smoother than that in Iraq as there is more political unity and tradition of democratic governance in Iran -- a tradition we undermined when we instilled the Shah -- around which to build a new government). Or maybe the alternative is worse: why would Bush & CO want so badly to discredit Sy Hersch that they are willing to risk egging Iran on to develop nukes that much sooner (unless someone's profiting from the Iranian program ... hmmm ...).

Or maybe my tinfoil hat is just on too tight again?

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