Monday, April 03, 2006


Sending "Mexed Messages"

I thought Bush & CO were against sending "mexed messages" to "terrists". But I guess they are OK with sending mixed messages to the Iraqi people and their nascent democratic government.

According to Bush & CO, the Iraqis should get their act together already and form a government. But they have managed to form something resembling a government: but Bush & CO don't like the government they've formed, so they are putting roadblocks in front of the new Iraqi government!

Regarding that government, I don't blame Bush & CO: I wouldn't like that government either. But it is predictable that, unless other constraints -- constraints, Constitutional rights and all of that, that domestically Bush and the Religious Right are working hard to undo -- were put in place, the plurality would try to establish its own tyranny after being oppressed so long. So for Bush & CO to be mad at the Iraqis for not having a government when the reason they don't have a government is that Bush & CO are rejecting whatever government the Iraqis have tried to form on their own, following the very rhetoric of what Bush & CO are proposing for our country is just utterly ridiculous!

And people wonder why "they" hate us?

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