Monday, April 03, 2006


Please Write Letters

I notice that Senators tend to ignore letters from out of state folks.

So if any of you reading this are from Arizona or South Carolina consider writing your Senator.

Ask John McCain:

Given your comments regarding the veracity of what Caroll said under duress and your new-found attachment to Christianity, will you now urge censure for the administration until they unequivicably renounce torture (and even the outsourcing thereof): after all torture should be morally abhorrent to Christians (after all Jesus was tortured for being a terrorist) and you have indicated that statements made under duress are often simply untrue -- so what can torturous interrogations actually allow us to learn from suspected terrorists anyway? So why don't you show some of that much ballyhooed straight-talking of yours and move to, e.g., censure the adminstration?

Ask Lindsay Graham:

In questioning the appropriateness of Sen. Feingold's censure resolution, you wonder, for example, whether Congress would have been appropriate if it were to try to stop Truman from firing MacAurther? If you like Truman so much, would you care to comment on the appropriateness of Truman conducting Congressional hearings, in a time of war, which were often critical of the administration, to prevent war profiteering? It was these hearings (and back then political grandstanding by Congresscritters was considered quite appropriate -- as it was the express intent of the Founders that Congresscitters would check the power of the President, if only for political reasons, and thus ensure democracy -- you know, that whole "ambition must be made to check ambition" bit) that brought Truman to national promanence. If you are joining in the Truman adulation train, you must admit the appropriateness of Congressional oversight of the executive branch, even in a time of war, must you not?

And speaking of Harry:

Give 'em Hell Senator Reid! Tell the truth and make 'em think they're in hell -- join up with Feingold, Boxer and Harkin and do your job and ensure the Senate as a whole does it's job and check and balance the President for once. Show the 'Murkin people the Democrats are not going to surrender to the Bully at Home (Bush & CO) and maybe they'll finally trust us to be tough with the Bullies Abroad (the terrorists).

He's such a phony that I'm calling him McFeign from now on. And Lindsay Huckleberry Hound Graham, one of the congressional impeachment managers, never forget. He's just a two-faced, phony too.
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