Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Photo Phun

Above are some photos (slightly modified in a hopefully artistic manner with PhotoShop) took (and modified) last summer 'round my parents' place when I was visiting. I just found the CD that had them when I was unpacking.

On the second image, somehow the color balance isn't quite what it was in PhotoShop, but it's still interesting if a little less "realistic"

So it looks like Blogger has changed the formatting to what I originally told it to do -- so I guess I'll issue a correction here: "above" should read "to the left".
Blogger moves in mysterious ways, especially when it comes to pictures.

Your parents have a sweet view...
My parents do have a sweet view, but not quite as photogenic as this one. This is looking toward my parents' friends house (and in the general direction of my parents' house) from the other end of the housing development in which they live. The mountains in the background are the San Gabriel Mountains.

Mind you, I did not grow up in such an idyllic yet wingnut-filled exurban setting. I grew up in the OC which, when I was a kid, was still outer-suburban (when I was growing up, there were still acres of strawberry farms about -- now the area where I grew up is all developed) and filled with wingnuts, but not quite so idyllic.
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