Monday, April 17, 2006


Inside Baseball

I guess maybe only the Conservative Jews amongst my readership (hi both of you ;) ) may care about this, but my $0.02 on the new Chancellor of JTS is that the school is trying to punt on the hot-button issues of the day (as someone I know put it "a lot of heated discussion at the recent Rabbinical Assembly meeting in Mexico City revolved around the hottest of all the hot-button issues facing the Conservative/Masorti movement ... [wait for it ] ... g ... overnance" what were you thinking? not that there's anything wrong with that -- er, I guess that's what the movement is trying to figure out, eh?): by having a non-Rabbi at the helm, whatever he says on whatever would automatically not have any Rabbinal authority ... since our movement's "head of state" in the US is the Chancellor, JTS essentially has said that it refuses to say anything authoritative about anything hot-button. Fair enough, I guess, they are not really supposed to be the arbiter of our movement's interpretation of Halacha --but still: what would Shakespeare (who sounds better in the original Yiddish) say?

You know though -- what is the greatest kashe facing Conservative Judaism, though. If we are the "Conservative Movement", how come so many of us are liberal Democrats?

OK -- I know that one's old ...

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